Recent Projects


Underground Tank Pull in Santa Ana, CA

Environmental Management Technologies was called out by one of our long standing clients to help out in the removal of a couple of underground storage tanks that were found on site during the grading process. Since the project was already so far along, and these tanks that were discovered were not a part of the original plans, time was of the essence. This project was...


Clearance City of Beaumont, CA

Environmental Management Technologies provides a variety of services related to homeless camps or encampments. Biohazard cleanup at homeless encampments is the main reason our customers call us. The liability to government agencies that utilize their own employees to clean an encampment site can be huge.

Removing the trash and waste from the homeless...


A small plating shop demo, excavation and backfill for one of our clients. A huge thanks and congratulations to our team for making this recently completed project a success. We could not have done this without your hard work!!! TEAM-WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!!! #THEHUSTLE