About Us

Established in 2000, Environmental Management Technologies, or EMT, is the brain-child of our president, who started the company out of his garage. Now, EMT is one of the leaders in environmental waste management and solutions, serving all of Southern California from two locations.

We take pride in helping your company manage your waste and implement cost-effective environmental solutions, and when it comes to our top-notch services, we let our actions do the talking. Everyone at EMT takes on the responsibility of putting safety and customer satisfaction first, and that’s why so many of our clients stay with us for years. Protecting our customers and our employees is paramount at Environmental Management Technologies; we have a dedicated team of safety and compliance professionals that ensure 100% compliance with all DOT and OSHA regulations. We also have a Regulatory Affairs team that ensures our operations and personnel remain current with the ever-changing environmental regulations to protect your business and the communities we serve.

At EMT, continuous improvement is a way of life. We embrace the process of constant self-examination to improve our value to you and to create growth opportunities.

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